Editorials On Measure B | November 14, 2013

The best argument for The Measure B electionis the weakness of the arguments against it. Like stale mints under the hotel pillow, they... Continue

Editorials Opinions Count | November 1, 2012

Not ours, necessarily… but the collective opinion of our neighbors here in Sonoma Valley – that counts very high, in our estimation.... Continue

Editorials Cook, Agrimonti, and Sawyer | October 25, 2012

The Sonoma Valley community is fortunate to have several citizens offering to serve as our elected representatives. We thank them,... Continue

Guest Editorial “Sonoma….we have a problem” | March 9, 2012

Steven L. Pease “Houston……we have a problem.”   Who can ever forget those words, delivered at the head end of a radio message... Continue

Editorials Depressing | January 19, 2012

That’s what Tuesday night’s school board meeting was.  It started out well with two exceptional Sassarini students – Marrina... Continue

Editorials Poop – more on the subject | January 11, 2012

Hard to believe I’m writing about this, but here I am nonetheless. Slow news week? Perhaps. But the topic shows no sign of going... Continue

Editorials Happy New Year Sonoma | January 5, 2012

The Sun took a break last week. Our apologies if you missed your weekly dose of news, your favorite columnist, the puzzle page or... Continue

Editorials Merry Solstice! | December 22, 2011

We’ve been looking forward to this long Christmas weekend, though we have to note that last year we had two days off, with Christmas... Continue

Editorials Show us the money | November 4, 2011

The Sonoma City Council will hold its first Revenue Enhancing Meeting on Wednesday evening, November 2 – just as The Sun goes to... Continue

Editorials Growing up Sonoma style | September 29, 2011

It’s official.  As of this week, I am the mother of two teenagers.  My son turned 13 on Wednesday.  My daughter is now 15.  Wow. ... Continue

Letters to the Editor

Right On Ron | April 14, 2014

Editor: Ron Willis’ 4/10 Sun column about Vladimir Putin and the true believer right wing in the US was right on! The trouble with... Continue

Jaime Love ED STA | April 12, 2014

Editor:You know how at the holidays, when you’re rushing around so much it takes a special moment to really get you into the spirit?... Continue

Don’t shop at Pet Food Express | March 24, 2014

Editor: Please add my name to the list of those who do not want Pet Food Express in town. But they are coming because according to... Continue

Startling forgotten precedents revealed! | March 3, 2014

Editor: The city council, the chief and city staff may want to consider some alcohol related law already on the books. It appears... Continue

Thanks, Kiwanis | February 25, 2014

Editor: Kiwanis of Sonoma Plaza has again generously gifted the Junior Program of Sonoma Valley Tennis Association (SVTA). We are... Continue

How many gallons per day? | February 19, 2014

Editor: Conserving water and other resources always has to be done to benefit not only ourselves but others, the environment and the... Continue

Giving Back | February 3, 2014

Hello, I am a SVHS graduate of 2011 and I am trying to raise money for a volunteer trip abroad. I have an online fundraiser on gofundme.com... Continue

Highway 12 Tree Removal Plan | January 28, 2014

Editor: With regard to the imminent plan to remove most of the large trees along Highway 12 north of Boyes Blvd, on this very road... Continue

Sonoma Valley Community Health Center, More Than Professional | January 25, 2014

Editor: Recently, I had a wonderful experience at the Sonoma Valley Community Health Center (SVCHC). In November, I desperately needed... Continue

Re-solution | January 21, 2014

Editor: Many folks have expressed concern about the trajectory and tone of local public policy discussion. How do we include, acknowledge... Continue