Section: Letters to the Editor

Measure B: Trust our City Council

Editor: Limiting hotels in Sonoma Proper would facilitate the building of large hotels just outside of the city. Imagine the traffic... Continue


Editor: This letter is for those who raised their kids here ,lobbied for a new hospital here ,joined our sister cities... Continue

DUI Crash on 121 near Viansa Winery

Hello Sonoma Sun, I am a local resident of Sonoma and this is a local family I am hoping that you can bring this story to the public... Continue

New paradigm

Editor:If city and regional planning represent a stool that has three legs: economic development, environmental sustainability and... Continue

Poverty, FISH and Gleaning….

Poverty, FISH and Gleaning Early in October an editorial in the San Francisco Chronicle caught my eye. The editorial cited a study... Continue

Steve Page Thinks We’re Stupid

Editor: In his IT piece Steve Page says that Measure B “subverts” the design review process of Sonoma, when all it... Continue

The Watkins Effect

A diverse cross-section of groups and individuals have come out opposing Measure B because they realize the unintended consequences... Continue

Yes on Measure B is Priceless

Editor: Dear Editor, Recently a local hedge fund CEO and securities trader complained that voting Yes on Measure B to protect Sonoma... Continue

Campaign signs designed to confuse

Editor: When you do not have a cogent political argument, the best tactic is to confuse people. You may have noticed signs advocating... Continue

Don’t meddle with City’s planning process

As I prepare to cast my vote on Measure B, I’ve read the voter information written by both the sides of Measure B. The most misleading... Continue