Section: Letters to the Editor

Pictures, please

Editor: Oftentimes I see an article teaser on the home page of your website, in the slideshow. When I click on the article, however,... Continue

Arroyo Seco watersehd

Editor:The Arroyo Seco watershed takes up approximately the eastern third of the lower Sonoma Valley. The Arroyo Seco channel was the... Continue

Thank You, Rotary of Sonoma

Editor: The Rotary of Sonoma Valley has again, most generously, gifted the Junior Program of Sonoma Valley Tennis Association (SVTA).... Continue

Generation Jobless

Editor, This past semester at Sonoma State University, I took an Investigative Sociology class with Dr. Peter Phillips. The class... Continue

Cutting switchbacks on the SOT

Editor: The Sonoma Overlook Trail Stewards will soon be doing some trail maintenance to minimize switchback cut-offs and social trails.... Continue

A Gem in Jeopardy

Editor: Greetings . A couple of weeks ago I felt compelled to write a letter to you regarding a Gem in your community . But , as happens... Continue

the beginning of the end of any nation.

Editor: WORDS OF WISDOM THAT MUST BE HEEDED You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity. What... Continue

Abusive Language On Air

Editor:On Monday November the 18th at approx 12:30 pm during a KSFY broadcast known as Jeff’s Joint and in a segment reporting... Continue

Measure B: Trust our City Council

Editor: Limiting hotels in Sonoma Proper would facilitate the building of large hotels just outside of the city. Imagine the traffic... Continue


Editor: This letter is for those who raised their kids here ,lobbied for a new hospital here ,joined our sister cities... Continue