Section: Letters to the Editor

We must, all of us, be on guar

Editor: Hans Frank the Nazi ruler of Poland wrote in 1942…. “The power and the certainty of being able to use force without any... Continue

“No on B” Misleading

Editor: I find the “No on B” yard signs very misleading. They make a lot of claims: “Protect your Voice;” “Protect our Neighborhoods;”... Continue

The charm of San Francisco – Cable Cars

Editor: In 1954 Friedel Kleussmann seemed silly for her efforts to preserve the San Francisco Cable Cars. After all, San Francisco... Continue

Hail our Arts!

Editor: And kudos to Deb Carlen and The Sun for its Art Page! What a great contribution to our extended “villlage” (it... Continue

Oppose Measure B

Editor: The Living Wage Coalition of Sonoma County opposes Measure B that would limit the size of large hotels in the city. We believe... Continue

Vote YES on Measure B

Editor: As I drive through the towns of Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Napa and the like, I cannot but hope and pray that our beautiful town... Continue


Editor: I live on Nicoli ln and have endured so much dust you can’t see also the noise level unreal because of construction... Continue

Hooker House

Editor As Properties Manager for the Sonoma League for Historic Preservation, I am pleased to report that the General Joseph Hooker... Continue

Letter to the Editor: Dogs On Montini

Editor: On Monday, 10/7 the city council will again consider whether dogs are an appropriate use on the new Montini Trail. I have... Continue

Dogs on Montini Trails

Editor:Greetings, I wanted to let you know that I am yet another dog owner that would love to be able to use those trails. I feel that... Continue