Section: Editorials

Merry Solstice!

Christmas comes on a Saturday this year, and that’s fine. But why not have it on Friday… every year. A three-day weekend every... Continue

Grassroots effort launched to save Banco de Sonoma

I am one voice in the grassroots effort to Save Banco de Sonoma.  Here I offer more strategy and technical advice but an army of people... Continue

Take note, the holidays are here

Like clockwork, another Thanksgiving has come and gone. The meal has been served, cleaned up, re-served, cleaned up again… you get... Continue

Thanks, now pass the gravy

It was 28 degrees Wednesday morning. Unbelievable. Crisp and cold and a beautiful morning for a quick hike up the Overlook Trail.... Continue

The feel good

I had Thanksgiving dinner last night with the Boy Scouts. It was great. Troop 222 organized their first ever turkey day potluck with... Continue

Honor our veterans

Today is Veteran’s day. At the eleventh hour on the eleventh day in the eleventh month the community is invited to honor our country’s... Continue

Parent University at El Verano School

El Verano Prinicpal Maite Iturri is, as always, hard at work challenging her staff and community to do bigger and better things. This... Continue


Another election, in the books. The build up and hype, the seemingly endless campaign ads on television, the bombardment of roadside... Continue

Good riddance to rotten produce

Just when you thought the subject would go away for the winter along with fresh tomatoes, the Tuesday night Farmers Market dropped... Continue

November 2 – get out there and vote

Reports show that by election day, nearly 40 percent of California voters – an estimate one million people – may have already turned... Continue