Section: Editorials

America is not broke

 In the fall of 2008 a giant mud ball – created by Wall Street financial schemers and irresponsible big bank mortgage lenders, hit... Continue

Spending in Sonoma

Closer to home, Sonoma is feeling the economic pinch that has steadily crept across the country. Everywhere, people are cutting back,... Continue

Thompson addresses budget cuts

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s budget plan calls for more than $6 trillion in spending cuts at the expense of American... Continue

Saying no to Big Box Stores

Saying no to Big Box Stores

An open letter to the Sonoma City Council from local business owners: As Sonoma small business owners we’ve taken a big hit with... Continue

Prime time pornography

 Do ya’ watch “Glee?”  Have you ever seen the show?  Well I do but I’m starting to second guess my judgment on this.  I... Continue

Wisconsin’s wake-up call

On February 26, 100 or more Sonoma folks rallied and marched around the square, carrying signs proclaiming support for Wisconsin teachers,... Continue

No MMDs in Sonoma Valley

Editor’s note: the following letter was sent to 1st District Supervisor, Valerie Brown Dear Valerie, I am writing you on behalf... Continue

The Sun’s new improved size!

This week we unveil a vastly different-shaped paper – we’re SQUARE! Our printer, The Press Democrat, has tweaked some things at... Continue

Happy birthday to us!

That’s right. It’s been a whole year since our crew of four has taken over publication of The Sun. And what a year it’s been.... Continue

The latest Farmer’s Market flap

Hilda Swartz has finally gotten her way, forcing her nemesis, Sheana Davis, from the Friday Farmers Market. In a letter dated Feb.... Continue