Section: Editorials

Poop – more on the subject

Hard to believe I’m writing about this, but here I am nonetheless. Slow news week? Perhaps. But the topic shows no sign of going... Continue

Happy New Year Sonoma

The Sun took a break last week. Our apologies if you missed your weekly dose of news, your favorite columnist, the puzzle page or... Continue

Merry Solstice!

We’ve been looking forward to this long Christmas weekend, though we have to note that last year we had two days off, with Christmas... Continue

Show us the money

The Sonoma City Council will hold its first Revenue Enhancing Meeting on Wednesday evening, November 2 – just as The Sun goes to... Continue

Growing up Sonoma style

It’s official.  As of this week, I am the mother of two teenagers.  My son turned 13 on Wednesday.  My daughter is now 15.  Wow. ... Continue


9/11/01. We all know where we were and what we were doing when the unbelievable and devastating news reached us that day. A beautiful... Continue

What a great community

Rick Wynne | Rotary Club of Sonoma Valley Thanks to all of you who helped make the Rotary Club of Sonoma Valley’s 20th annual Louis... Continue

Wild for Heather

Way to go, girl! Our several households, at least, if not thousands throughout Sonoma Valley, are proud of you. We’re speaking, of... Continue

Reflections on board service

Dr. David Chambers Sonoma Valley can be proud of its hospital. The uncertainty of previous years is behind us. We have built new... Continue

The gas gouge

Have you noticed the price of gas lately? Maybe not, since we are all most likely rejoicing that it’s come down from its horrendous... Continue