Section: Police Blotter


September 17 A woman in the 100 block of Patten Street zipped off to run a quick errand at about 9 a.m. Returning 10 minutes later,... Continue

No winners

A family disturbance got ugly at about 11 a.m. when a 15-year-old male insulted his mom. Dad took exception, and the two, police say,... Continue

Path to enlightenment?

What’s with kids this week? The report of two young louts (ages 18 and 16) drinking vodka and smoking marijuana on the bike path... Continue

Bought milk

Shoplifting incident at Whole Foods. A woman, 68, selected $28.33 worth of various medicinal products and stashed them into her purse.... Continue

See you soon!

One problem with being on felony probation is that you are subject to random, no-warrant searches by officers of the law. It certainly... Continue

Party of the first part

It was no game of Twister later that night on Carillo Court when seven minors were found drinking and playing ‘beer pong.’ When... Continue

Etiquette takes a holiday

The Social Host Ordinance has a rather genteel sound to it, like it might stipulate the proper temperature at which gazpacho should... Continue

Arrests & Incidents

July 31 Uprooted A vacationing homeowner returned to the friendly confines of Ramon Street to find two planter pots missing from the... Continue

Arrests & Incidents

June 25 Drunk of the Week The car was a ‘95, but the registration tabs were 2004. Not an advisable combination, particularly when... Continue

Arrests & Incidents

June 18 Rock rage A rock-throwing vandal struck Sonoma Marketplace – an early morning spree reported to police by a disposal truck... Continue