Section: Police Blotter

Arrests & Incidents

October 22 Gone far enough Got off and walked? A bicycle was found abandoned on the bike path at Fourth St. W. just before 8 a.m. The... Continue

Arrests & Incidents

October 15 If looks could kill A pit bull pup unleashed a stir when it climbed onto a chair and over its backyard fence in the 800... Continue

Arrests & Incidents

October 1 I smell a rat The high school assembly took an odious turn when a young prankster set off stink bombs during the proceedings.... Continue

Nasty habit

September 25 A cigarette addict reached behind the counter at the Union 76 gas station on W. Napa and helped himself to a pack of Marlboro... Continue

Home un-makover

September 25 And you thought the real estate market couldn’t get any worse. A realtor showing a vacated sale house on the 500 block... Continue

Instant pedestrian

September 25 A women’s Expedition Elite bicycle was swiped from an unlocked gated porch on Bettencourt Street sometime during the... Continue

Broken and bleeding

September 25 Theory: a lout high on something, perhaps merely testosterone, punched in a storefront window during a late night amble... Continue

Party boy

September 25 Deputies broke up a beer bash near First St. West and MacArthur just after midnight. The crowd of juvenile attendees scattered,... Continue

Study session

September 17 A trio of young big thinkers, “on a break from Sonoma Charter School,” repaired to the Ravenswood Winery parking lot... Continue

Absent minded

September 17 The mother of the missing 14-year-old said the girl had a history of running away, so she waited until the next morning... Continue