Editor: I was most amazed with your tomato quiz on page 21, in the 4/24/14 edition. I chuckled over the very first true or false... Continue

Self-governing Oversight for Sonoma County Law Enforcement

Editor:Ever since the death of 13-year-old Andy Lopez, there has been uproar in the Santa Rosa community regarding oversight of police... Continue

School Bullying Just A Media Hot-Topic? Apparently so at Prestwood

Editor: I recently walked into a local grocery store where an anti-bullying petition or public campaign for awareness was circulating... Continue

Right On Ron

Editor: Ron Willis’ 4/10 Sun column about Vladimir Putin and the true believer right wing in the US was right on! The trouble with... Continue

Jaime Love ED STA

Editor:You know how at the holidays, when you’re rushing around so much it takes a special moment to really get you into the spirit?... Continue

Don’t shop at Pet Food Express

Editor: Please add my name to the list of those who do not want Pet Food Express in town. But they are coming because according to... Continue

Startling forgotten precedents revealed!

Editor: The city council, the chief and city staff may want to consider some alcohol related law already on the books. It appears... Continue

Thanks, Kiwanis

Editor: Kiwanis of Sonoma Plaza has again generously gifted the Junior Program of Sonoma Valley Tennis Association (SVTA). We are... Continue

How many gallons per day?

Editor: Conserving water and other resources always has to be done to benefit not only ourselves but others, the environment and the... Continue

Giving Back

Hello, I am a SVHS graduate of 2011 and I am trying to raise money for a volunteer trip abroad. I have an online fundraiser on Continue