Our wonderful bicycle paths…

Editor: Re “Danger on ‘so-called’ walking path”: I believe they are called bicycle paths Ms. Logan! If you... Continue

Elite Entertainment

Editor:$35, $40, $95…and up to listen to classical music, go to a crab feed, go to a grown up play, participate in workshops... Continue

Residential Raceway

Photo: Nomadic Lass, CC BY NC SA

Dear Sonoma, Nothing unpeaceful as another Thursday morning, fixing a bottle for my 6 month old, There is a roar in the distance, someone... Continue

In Crisis, Opportunity

Editor: I had the pleasure of attending a meeting sponsored by the Sonoma County Water Agency to hear their proposals about how to... Continue

Miriam R. Merli

Miriam R. Merli

Miriam Louise Robinson Merli left us overnight December 25, 2014. Our mother was born in Richmond, Virginia June 6, 1919 and grew up... Continue

Make our streets safer

Make our streets safer

Editor: A few nights ago, I called the CHP in reference to a driver, racing a truck with purple tail Lights, up and down local street,... Continue


Editor: Kudos to Katy Bryne for her article entitled “Out of the Blue.” I distinctly recall a philosopher’s proverb that resonates... Continue

Failure to respect residents

Any Sonoma Resident who has ever wanted to bypass Highway 12 Traffic, has surely used Verano Ave, between 5th West and Highway 12.... Continue

Wedding: Tracy Norgrove and Matt Ward

Wedding: Tracy Norgrove and Matt Ward

After dating for nearly 20 years, Matt Ward and Tracy Norgrove were wed in a beautiful backyard setting at their home in Sonoma. 100+... Continue

Communication Breakdown

Editor: I am one of the directors in the production of Many Faces of Love being presented by Sonoma Stage Works at the SCC that was... Continue