‘Cat’ roundup

Lee Marvin and Jane Fonda star in the 1965 comedy Western “Cat Ballou,” the tale of a young woman who hires an infamous gunslinger to protect the family ranch from a dastardly villain.

Marvin plays both the gun-for-hire, who turns out to be a shaky-handed drunkard, and his nemesis, who sports an iron nose; for the dual roles, he won the Academy Award. Another Oscar went to the scriptwriters, who adapted it from a serious novel.

tumblr_lu29ucietz1r3xa0go1_400As the quick-learning cowgirl, Fonda, in what nowadays would be the Jennifer Aniston part, radiates sharp comic timing and rambunctious charm. With 60s-Disney-film stalwarts Michael Callan and Dwayne Hickman, and Nat King Cole and Stubby Kaye as the on-screen balladeers. The spoof plays the Sebastiani Theatre on Monday, July 14 at 7 p.m. $8. 996.2020. Sebastianitheatre.com

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