Bike skills 101

The City of Sonoma presents a one-day bicycle training event on Saturday, June 7, featuring Bicycling Street Skills 101 class, at the Sonoma Community Center. The free event runs from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

In the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition’s skills class, expert instructors will use an engaging, interactive approach, with illustrations, and hands-on demonstrations.

Participants will learn to communicate effectively with all road users, to be visible, and to avoid crashes. The end result is safe, more enjoyable riding.

A bicycle is not required, but participants are welcome to ride to the event. Participants should bring helmets for proper fitting techniques. Both expert and novice bicyclists will benefit from the classes.

“Street Skills is for everyone,” said Bicycle Coalition Education Director Tina Panza. “Whether you are new to riding and are curious about the most efficient gear ratio for riding uphill, or an expert rider who could use guidance on the best lane positioning when turning left at a busy intersection, the class has valuable information for you.”

The event is one result of the city’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, which encourages residents to ride bicycles safely and promotes more bicycles use in general.

The class is free but space is limited, To register contact 933.2204 or 276 E. Napa St.

One Response to Bike skills 101

  1. Michael says:

    If you have ever driven through Sonoma, or the rest of our State. You might have noticed the entitlement of most cyclists, from kids to adults, who do not Stop at posted Signs, who also change routes without looking and think they are invincible.
    As a former Professional Cyclist, I was plowed down when another cyclist caused a driver to swerve and complete my Career. I don’t understand why our local Law a Enforcement doesn’t challenge and cite the many Bicyclists who break the Laws?
    We have already had a Child Bicyclist serious injure an older woman, Kids hit in Cross Walk. Why do we have to wait for a fatality to happen?