The eye of Zak

“Ironic Notions of Existence,” an exhibition of photography and mixed media works by Ron Zak, is on view at the Sonoma Community Center’s Gallery 212.

“As we live our lives, experiences take us to realms unimagined in their gravity,” Zak explains. “Through these photographs and schemas are traces of my googled mind, mired in the attempt to make sense of the tragic comedy of life.”

A professor of photography at Solano Community College, Zak is known for the annual photography tours, since 1989, in locales such as Myanmar, Cuba, Laos, India, Cambodia, Europe and South America. The Sonoma exhibition Zak juxtaposes scenes from his early foreign travels with recent life experiences, revealing ironies that have emerged over 30 years of personal experience. The exhibit runs through May 30.

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