Compost couture

IMG_8576A dress made of inner tubes? A gown made of straws and drink wrappers? Couture composed of used tea bags, or magazines, maybe a bathroom rug? It’s time to talk trash, and fashion, for the Sonoma Community Center’s fourth annual Trashion Fashion show.

It’s the event that makes looking like garbage a compliment, as models in outrageous fashions created by dozens of local designers using everything but the kitchen sink (then again….) work the catwalk on Saturday, March 22 at the Sonoma Veterans Building. The event begins at 5 p.m.

Producer Margaret Hatcher said the Trashion Show was inspired by SCC’s commitment to promoting sustainable living. “Trashion is a fashion philosophy that combines environmentalism with innovation,” she explained. “It springs from a desire to make the best use of limited resources by making traditional and avant-garde clothing or objects from recycled materials or cast off junk.”

And when the crowd goes wild for a model strutting her recycled stuff, that’s pretty cool, too. “I can’t wait to see what people create this year,” she said.

Designers participating in this year’s Trashion show include: Alexa Wood, Joni Derickson, Susan Gibbons, Josette Brose-Eichar, Natasha Drengson, Janet Nusbaum, Jeanine Briggs, Julie Calhoun, Stacea Dohoney, Marcy Waldron, Sallie Romer, Charissa Drengsen, Courtney Bristow, Alejandra Cervantes, Bonnie Brown, Carol Davis, Susan Sulc and Elise Cheval.

Tickets are $45 at 938.4626 x1 or

Photo: Yvette Milne models “Magic Moments” by Jeanine Briggs at the last year’s Trashion Fashion Show.

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