‘Arrest warrant’ scam

In the latest twist on the phone scam, a man indenting himself as a court employee threatens to activate an arrest warrant for failure to report for jury duty unless the victim pays the fine – with a pre-paid debit card.

The Sheriff’s Office has received numerous complaints about a similar con, the “arrest warrant” scam.

The sting starts when a male who says he’s an employee with the Sheriff’s Office (the fake names Brent Jones or Tommy Jones have been used) says there is an active warrant for the person’s arrest. To cancel the warrant, the scammer says, the citizen must were purchase a Green Dot card, then place a return call back to a voicemail box and leave the identification number of the pre-paid debit card.

It’s all fake, except for the debit card number, which allows the grifter to access the money without being traced. And the money the victim loses.

The Sheriff’s Office warns all citizens against giving personal information or money to anyone who calls seeking payment to clear an arrest warrant and to immediately contact the local law enforcement agency in their jurisdiction.

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