Glen Ellen bank robbery

The West America Bank in Glen Ellen was robbed at gunpoint on Friday by a white male who stuffed the money into a blue backpack and fled northbound on Arnold Drive.

Sonoma County Sheriff’s Deputies responding to the 5:42 p.m. call initiated a search of the surrounding area, including a helicopter, but the man had disappeared.

The suspect is a white male, approximately six feet tall, mid to late 20s, with reddish or blonde hair.

The suspect was wearing a light blue long sleeve pullover sweatshirt, khaki colored cargo pants, and dark tennis shoes with white soles. The suspect also was wearing black sunglasses and ski mask on his head.

Anyone recognizing the suspect or with any information about the case is asked to call Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office Violent Crimes Investigations Bureau at 707.565.2185.

One Response to Glen Ellen bank robbery

  1. davo says:

    Just a thought…Not that it is a bad picture of the perp. Video does a little more justice for recognition?(I could be wrong) How about releasing the video and/or multiple images of the guy?