Rethink pink?

The latest design controversy in downtown Sonoma isn’t about hotels or tasting rooms, but rather the shade of one Plaza shop door. With the change from a Ben & Jerry’s franchise to their own Grandma Linda’s Ice Cream shop on First Street West, owners Troy and Dawn Marmaduke painted the front door pink as part of the re-branding.

Though the color (officially, cerise delight, though it looks more like black cherry) was approved by the city’s Design Review Commission, an appeal has been filed by a contingent of critics who say the shade is inappropriate for the neighborhood. The City Council will hear the appeal on March 3.

One Response to Rethink pink?

  1. Jason Allen says:

    Really? C’mon Sonoma, let these small business owners keep their pink paint! It’s an ice cream shop for crying out loud, it looks fine!