Police Blotter: Scent of the crime; Drunk of the Week, and more

Rude awakening: An overnight act of vandalism, in the form of obscene graffiti, discovered on a rear door on the 100 block of East Napa on January 29. The two f-bombs in black spray paint will cost about $100 to paint over.

Night rider

A 19-year-old woman with purple hair was maneuvering her bike down Highway 12 near West Thompson when contacted by deputies jut before midnight on January 29. Her tweaky manner suggested drug use. Field sobriety tests, specific to drug use and administered by an officer with advanced training, were employed. Unsurprisingly, the woman failed. She said she kicked heroin two months ago, but yes, had recently done meth. She was cited for being under the influence.

Popping tags

A cop trailing a white Honda Accord near midnight on January 28 called in the car’s plate number. Reply: Suspended registration. Then why were there current tags on the plate, tags that looked ripped at the edges as if perhaps removed from the rightful vehicle? Once pulled over into the Safeway parking lot, the inquiry was made to the driver, 27, who said he didn’t know about that – his dad takes care of the paperwork. The focus quickly became the Springs man’s manic, furtive behavior. The ensuing search uncovered, stashed under a floor mat, a baggie containing two grams of meth. On his person was a nylon case: a glass pipe and more product. He was arrested on both counts.

Dog bites dog

A woman walking a leashed dog along Brockman Lane was accosted – actually, it was her dog that was attacked – by a loose black Lab. The latter bit the former before being hauled off by its owner, who will foot the vet bills arising from the January 27 incident.

Scent of the crime

Residential burglary reported in the 200 block of Bettencourt Street on January 26. Sometime overnight, someone entered empty house and stole jewelry and a bottle of perfume. The doors were locked, but the culprit left no trace of entry. What was left behind was a small scrap of paper with specks of blood, likely from the thief.

Drunk of the Week

Motorists tooling down West Spain Street the evening of January 26 may have noticed a drunk lying on the sidewalk. The Sonoma man, 66, said he had been hit by a car, and managed to crawl to the curb. Cops had their doubts: his alleged “ hurt knee,” and lack of other injuries, confirmed at the hospital, led to a dismissal of the hit-and-run theory. Far simpler: heavily intoxicated man falls down while crossing street.

Unexpected visitors

The Sonoma man opening the door to his Pasaje Pajaros Calle home was none to pleased to find the law had come calling on January 25. On probation for a drug beef, the 52-year-old is subject to just such a random search. Although his initial response to officers announcing they were coming in was “No you’re not,” the man relented to the inevitable. He admitted to having meth on the premises, six grams of which was found, along with two glass pipes for the heated inhalation of same, in a canister on the shelf. Clearly a violation of probation, along with fresh charges of possessing the drugs, a felony, and the pipes.

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