Abusive Language On Air

Editor:On Monday November the 18th at approx 12:30 pm during a KSFY broadcast known as Jeff’s Joint and in a segment reporting traffic I was most surprised and then appalled at the offensive language spewing from the so called “traffic reporter”. I was under the impression that there were certain “standards of broadcasting” that certainly were not being exercised at this moment. I called the station to voice my concern and was rewarded, on air, with “we have a complaint from the Amish Hotel in Schellville”. Sonoma Valley is blessed with it’s own community radio. We don’t deserve this kind of abusive and unnecessary language. We deserve better. KSFY, you need to hold yourself to a higher standard.
Richard Severson
Sonoma Ca

One Response to Abusive Language On Air

  1. david robbins says:

    It’s ksVy there Richard. Maybe you weren’t listening to the right station.