New paradigm

Editor:If city and regional planning represent a stool that has three legs: economic development, environmental sustainability and social equity, Measure B can be seen simply as push back against the economic leg becoming too out of proportion. That’s why I am Yes on B. Being Yes on B doesn’t mean I don’t believe economic components are not important and necessary.

What we will need as a community in the future, after the Measure B storm is past, are people who have their eye on some actual balance of the above factors. What we won’t need are people who act as if one leg supersedes the other three. Solid government, city and regional planning have got to become more pragmatic and less ideological. This constitutes what I consider to be real common sense. In this respect I second the general thrust of Ben Boyce’s recent column; we need a new paradigm. And to add to Ben’s analysis: economic development 101 is free market only, outdated, a one trick pony, while econ 202 will incorporate a wider platform integrating the above three planning legs and be more palatable to a wider audience.

Fred Allebach

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