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Sunday, November 10, 2013
Open House Church of Scientology Sonoma Mission

Mission Possible

The Church of Scientology Mission of Sonoma/Life Improvement Center is having an Open House Sunday, the 10th of November.

The Life Improvement Center / Sonoma Mission is now located at 1055 Broadway, in Suites F1 & F3. Open three evenings (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) starting at 6:30 pm and running until 9pm , they provide self-paced life improvement courses.

10 am - 2 pm
Life Improvement Center
1055 Broadway, Sonoma

3 Responses to Open House Church of Scientology Sonoma Mission

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh goody, another empty building because scientology is now a form of a social POX

  2. Rod Keller says:

    Scientology is bad news. You can google some of their code words to see what they are really about. “Disconnection” “Fair Game” “Overboarding” “Rehabilitation Project Force” “Introspection Rundown” “Purification Rundown”

  3. Arthur Marin says:

    The best way to improve your life is to stay away from Scientology.