Crop circles — trickery or sacred symbolism?

When Jim Ledwith gives a crop update, he’s not talking grapes. A UFOlogist for over 45 years, as in one who studies flying saucers, extraterrestrials, alien abductions and the like, the Sonoma man known as UFO Jim has also investigated the phenomena of crop circles.

Debunkers say it’s all a hoax, but Ledwith believes these huge, complex designs that appear overnight in crop fields are messages from extraterrestrial beings. Scientific proof, he says, shows intense ball-of-light orbs are used in the creation of these intricate designs.

The issue gets a YouTube-era update with Ledwith’s October 29 presentation “The Latest in Crop Circles” at the Sonoma Community Center.

His investigative works includes interviews with retired military and defense industry personnel, and others associated with the genre. “Truth,” Ledwith says, “is an irresistible force.”

So, what’s really out there?

Sun: Are we being observed and visited by aliens?
Jim Ledworth: Yes, planet earth and the human race are being engaged by visitors not born on planet earth.

Sun: What are some proof-positive examples that aliens are real?
JL: Alien interview and CIA deathbed confession (both YouTube videos). Whistleblowers. Many, many retired military personnel who have come forward, radar tapes, intelligence and military officers involved in the genre… government officials, scientists involved in projects, night vision glasses observing UFOs anytime at night. Also, regarding Roswell and the crash of a UFO in 1947, hundreds of personnel who were there and involved in some way with the incident (cleaning up crash material, seeing dead and live ETs) were part of the cover-up.

Sun: Why are they so interested in our cows?
JL: Probably genetic science, body parts and total blood removal. Could be part of a hybrid program (ET/Human).

Sun: How will they finally make themselves known to mankind? Will they come in peace?
JL: Probably some kind of incident that could not be controlled. Example: UFO crafts, real big, maybe a mile across, park themselves over 50 major cities worldwide and BAM — our new world begins! It could happen tomorrow or 20 years from now. Peace. Maybe. Consciousness rebooting and raising, for sure!

Sun: What are some of the misconceptions we have about aliens?
JL: The ET’s want to take over our planet and use it for themselves. If true, it would of happened already.

Sun: What’s the big secret about Area 51? Is there a government cover-up?
JL: The CIA went public a month ago saying Area 51 is for real. True, it was built in 1950s for the purpose of developing the U-2 spy plane and probably is an Air Force test base, with a possible Extraterrestrial-based engineering program from downed Flying Saucer craft. My wife and I were arrested/apprehended by the security patrol near the main gate and kept for four hours waiting to be arrested, but finally let go. We were given an eviction letter – base unnamed, commander unnamed, letter unsigned — and warned never to come back. That was 1995. I still have that letter.

Sun: Any advice for the non-believers?
JL: Go to my website “” and also checkout. Do your own research and come to your own conclusions. Thanks to the internet, the truth is really out there, enjoy.

“The Latest in Crop Circles.” Tuesday, October 29, 7 p.m. $5-$10. Sonoma Community Center, 276 E. Napa St.

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