Standing guard

Carole and Bob Nicholas have been presented with WillMar Family Grief & Healing Center’s annual “Guardian of the Year” award.

The couple has been involved with WillMar for over ten years as Guardians of Hope, a group supporting a child for a year, and, also, as volunteers and participants in fundraising and other committees. Bob is on WillMar’s Board of Directors and has served a term as its president.

What makes the cause so special to them? “As teachers, parents, and grandparents, children have always been the center of our professional and personal lives. Children are the most vulnerable among us; if they lose a parent or other loved one and have little or no support, they tend to internalize their grief. WillMar, through its emphasis on the expressive arts and peer support groups, gets children to externalize pain, talk about their feelings and heal. There’s an incredible honesty in WillMar’s therapeutic approach and children sense that and embrace it better than most adults.”

The Nicholas’s hope for WillMar’s future is that it continues to grow and expand its services. With that in mind, the couple has have no intention of leaving their posts at WillMar. “There is special satisfaction you get from being involved in the WillMar community where everyone is committed to supporting children during a crisis in their lives.”

Carole and Bob Nicholas will be honored at an Friday, October 18 “Mingling and Martini Night.” For information and to RSVP, contact 935.1946 or

One Response to Standing guard

  1. Chris Moulton says:

    Bob and Carol are two of the most dedicated and inspirational people currently serving the Non-Profit community of Sonoma, CA. I’m so excited to see that their years of selflessness and giving has been recognized by the WillMar and the greater community. I look forward to continued work with this amazing couple and love you both! Cheers to you Bob and Carol, and congrats!