How You Can Help Save SDC

People who read in the newspaper about the rally to save the Sonoma Developmental Center have been asking me what they can do. What is needed right now are letters to the Task Force on the Future of Developmental Centers via the e-mail address: Letters should be sent before October 22, the next task force meeting.

As the Sonoma City Council says in its resolution calling for keeping SDC open: “SDC should remain open in order to continue providing its specialized, 24-hour care to California’s most vulnerable developmentally disabled individuals, who for reasons of medical frailty, mental, emotional or behavioral issues, or other profound disabilities, cannot function or survive in community care homes.”

I also want to thank the approximately 100 individuals who came to the September 14 march and rally on the plaza. Even though the event was sponsored by SDC’s Parent Hospital Association, the majority of the participants where community members. SDC has been an integral part of our Sonoma Valley community for 122 years. If you don’t want to see it close, please send a letter.
Gina Cuclis
Boyes Hot Springs

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