Kim’s back with ‘Girlie Stuff’

With her new consignment shop Sonoma Girlie Stuff, at 1268 Broadway, Kim Enzensperger offers “women’s clothes that are in style and in season.”

A Sonoman for 25 years, Enzensperger ran a ‘Girlie Stuff’ store several years ago, on West Napa Street near the Plaza. Since then she raised two kids and served as the volunteer director for the Sonoma International Film Festival. Now, she’s back, with a twist – the inventory is still hip and fashionable, it’s just gently worn.

(Photo: Store manager Larissa Crumblis, left, and owner Kim Enzensperger.)

“People are so happy that we’re back,” Enzensperger said. “They’ve been asking for years.” The plan is to donate some of the store profits to arts programs at Sonoma Valley High School. “It’s time to give something back.”

Primarily stocked with women’s clothes (sizes 0 to Plus) that lean towards the casual and vintage trendiness of Anthropologie, Girlie Stuff also offers small furnishings and kitschy household goods. Accessories, like a stash of like-new Marc Jacobs handbags, are for sale, too.

“We’re not a thrift shop,” she said. “Everything has to be clean and pressed.”

If clothes don’t make the cut, or don’t sell after 60 days, Enzensperger takes them to Republic of Thrift, which raises money for area schools. The turnover ensures that the donated clothing does some good, and that her inventory stays fresh.

The store offers a no-appointment “Drop & Run” service for convenient consigning. An eBay trading associate, Enzensperger can also handle the online selling of specialized items.

“We’ve got things going out and coming in every day. It’s like a whole new store.”

Sonoma Girlie Stuff is located at 1268 Broadway, next to Pizzeria Capri. Hours are Monday to Saturday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday noon to 5 p.m. 815.9758.

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