Full circle

The documentary “Unfinished Spaces” follows a remarkable story. In 1961, three young Cuban architects were commissioned by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara to create Cuba’s National Art Schools, turning the golf course of Havana’s elite, aristocratic country club into an art school complex for the people.

Construction of their radical design began immediately, and the school’s first classes soon followed, with dancers, musicians, and artists from all over the country participating. But as the Revolutionary ideal was overcome by political reality, construction was abruptly halted as the architects and their designs were deemed irrelevant. Forty years later, when the schools are in use but remain unfinished and decaying, Castro invites the exiled architects back to finish their unrealized dream.

The award-winning film will screen on Wednesday, February 20, 6 p.m. at the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art. Presented in conjunction with SVMA’s current exhibition “Revolutionary Island” and the Sonoma International Film Festival. Svma.org. Tickets are $13 general, $10 members. 551 Broadway. Svma.org. 939.7862.

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