Police report

False gun threat

A lockdown alert at Sonoma Valley High School was called Monday after a teacher found a note stating that a student had brought a gun to school. Police quickly determined that the allegation was false, and the lockdown was lifted at about 2 p.m.

K-9 officer clamps down

When an assault suspect refused police orders to exit the home of his bloodied girlfriend, a canine unit was sent in to subdue the 42-year-old. After a nerve-wracking room-by-room search, the dog sniffed out and bit the suspect, who was hiding in bed and covered with blankets. Officers initially responded to reports of screaming and breaking glass in residence in the 200 block of Andrieux just before midnight on Dec. 1. After furtive peeks through the curtains, a woman, 32, reluctantly opened the door. Officers noted blood on her face and shirt, and there was blood on the doorknob. Her boyfriend quickly ducked into a back room. The woman refused to explain the blood or leave the house; she was eventually booked for resisting arrest. When the man ignored repeated orders to show himself, police set up a perimeter around the home, evacuated the immediate neighbors and called for the canine unit. The man was charged with resisting arrest, violating probation and domestic violence. Because the woman refused to incriminate him, the assault charge was lodged as a misdemeanor. According to police, he has been arrested twice before on domestic violence charges, one of which involved the current girlfriend.

Next time, grab The Sun – it’s free

A 47-year-old man, perhaps mentally unbalanced but definitely drunk, assaulted a Safeway clerk after stealing a newspaper on Dec. 5. The clerk (unhurt) saw the man tuck the paper under his coat and leave the store. When confronted, the Springs man grabbed the employee’s arm before running to a nearby bus shelter, where he was soon apprehended. On probation for a booze-related charge, the man refused to take an alcohol test at the police station. The equipment there, he claimed, was not trustworthy because it had been “stolen.”

Yes, it does make you look fat

The Springs woman who left Sonoma Old School wearing three pairs of pants won’t skate on the petty theft – the 33-year-old was identified by surveillance video and a photo line-up. The scammer, who has a prior shoplifting beef on her record, took five apparel items into a fitting room on Nov. 30. She broke off the security sensors and donned multiple pairs of paints, covering them with her own sweats. Cops caught up with the suspect on Dec. 3. She admitted to being at the store, but not to heisting the goods. During the ensuing arrest for burglary, police found another ill-conceived fashion choice – some meth and a pipe stuck in her bra.

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