‘Youth of the Year’ candidates

Yecenia Vargas, Raquel Paz, Pio Valenzuela and Eric Gonzalez are the finalists for the Boys & Girls Club’s annual Youth of the Year Award. The honor will be announced on Thursday, December 6, at 6:30 p.m. at the Maxwell Clubhouse. The event is open to the public. The annual award program, sponsored by the August Sebastiani Foundation, is designed to promote and recognize teens who have developed sound character, leadership abilities and the willingness to give back to their community. It also promotes and celebrates academic performance, moral character, life goals, and poise and public speaking ability. Each candidate will receive a $500 scholarship and the winner will receive a new laptop. The winner will also go on to compete in the Boys & Girls Clubs of America state competition.

Member of the Year
These students, one from each Boys & Girls Club site, will also be honored:

Altimira: Luisa Lopez
Sassarini: Luis Gonzalez
El Verano: Oscar Rivas
Dunbar: Ryan Valer
Flowery: Shauna Johnston
Maxwell Clubhouse: Nicole Flores

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