What happened to your music critic


What happened to your music critic ? Suddely his column has just disappeared ? Frankly I found his taste in music rather trendy and not especially to my liking. Last December he recommended a few Christmas CDs I would never buy as my taste in Xmas music runs to acapella groups such as Chanticleer, a local Bay Area group and Cantus, both superb . I emailed your critic and made some alternative suggestions in Christmas Choral music but never heard from him. I even offered to rip him some Xmas CDs but hee never took me up on my offer.

Do wish that your paper would cover more live music events in Sonoma County, especially during the holiday season. You just might start by covering the Chanticleer Christmas concert on December 16 at St. Vincent’ Church in Petaluma. There will be two concerts that day, the first at 4:00 pm and the second at 6:30. Rest assured that both concerts will be sold out and deservedly so.

One Response to What happened to your music critic

  1. Sun News says:

    Columns by Sun music writer Mike Hyland, though no longer running weekly, will appear from time to time.