City finds grounds to deny Peet’s

A proposed Peet’s Coffee and Tea outlet at 591 Broadway was voted down by a 4-3 vote of the Sonoma Planning Commission.

A city staff report determined a Peet’s outlet would be consistent with the neighborhood’s historic character, and would add to the diversity of business in the area. No modifications were proposed to the now-vacant building.

But the majority of commissioners felt the Peet’s wasn’t a good fit. They were concerned about the traffic the store would generate – both vehicular and by jaywalking pedestrians — and the impact on nearby, locally owned businesses. Dave Mock, owner of the nearby Hot Shots, said a Peet’s would have a definite negative impact on his business.

The need for a use permit was triggered by the city’s formula store ordinance, enacted in July. The company can appeal to the City Council.

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