Springs circa 1915

On what is now the intersection of Hwy 12 and Boyes Blvd., this scene from the resort heyday shows the Boyes Hot Springs train station, with the Spring’s Hotel to the left and the forerunner of the Sonoma Mission Inn in the background. “Trains, Tourism and Sonoma County” is the topic of The Sonoma Valley History Society’s general meeting on Friday, May 18, with Dr. Charles Siebenthal, president of the Northwestern Pacific Railroad Historical Society.

The topic will encompass the resorts, cabins, and beautiful natural resources which attracted San Franciscans to the Valley starting in the mid-1870’s. 2 p.m. Free. Depot Park Museum. 938-1762.

3 Responses to Springs circa 1915

  1. Mike Acker says:

    On the left is the RR depot, not a hotel.

  2. Elisa says:

    There are two, perhaps three, attached roofs further to the left of the train station. Perhaps this is the referenced hotel

  3. Sun News says:

    The hotel must be off to the left, out of the frame.
    Thanks, Mike!