Imitation – the sincerest form of flattery, they say

Diana Dawn – as good a starlet’s name if ever there was one. But this starlet’s claim to fame is actually her alter ego, none other than Marilyn Monroe, who she portrays with aplomb at events and gatherings the world over.

It began at the age of 19 when acquaintances repeatedly mentioned Dawn’s resemblance to Norma Jean. But it wasn’t until she was twenty-seven that Dawn first stepped into Monroe’s shoes when asked to enter a Marilyn lookalike contest. From that day forward, doors flew open and Marilyn fans embraced her as she began an incredible journey and new full time career.

But Marilyn isn’t all that she’s about. In addition to her stints playing the legendary actress, Dawn is an all-around entertainer, comedian, photographer and talent rep. She is celebrating her third anniversary hosting a radio show on Sonoma Sun FM, appropriately called “Some Like it Hot” on Tuesday nights from 7 to 8 p.m., which she describes as a “magical experience.”

“I can’t say enough how much I love the Sonoma Valley and all of the extremely talented and supportive people that make up this fabulous city. I am extremely grateful to have landed here four years ago and to have had so many people take me under their wing and help me fly.”

A few of the noted guests on her show have included Jon Provost, who played Timmy in the television series Lassie; Kathy Garver who was television’s Cissy on Family Affair; and Charlotte Stewart who played Miss Beadle from Little House on The Prairie and also played alongside Elvis Presley in Speedway.

And when she’s not playing Marilyn, hosting her radio show or otherwise entertaining, Dawn’s day job is professional dog training, running both private and group sessions.

As for “being” Marilyn, Dawn feels it has been her destiny ever since a chance meeting with Joe DiMaggio changed her life and career path forever. Hostessing at a City of Hope Golf Tournament back in the early 80’s, the young Dawn met DiMaggio who, according to friends, was instantly smitten. The two quickly became friends and the Marilyn offers began to pour in. As for DiMaggio says Dawn, “I’m still bubbling over a date Joe and I had where he brought me a bottle of champagne.”

Of her life, Dawn says she simply feels “blessed. I get to travel all over the world making appearances as Marilyn and I thank her every day for allowing me to step into her spirit and experience such a magical journey. It’s put food on my table and drawn interesting people into my life. It’s truly an incredible life I’m living.”

For more information on Diana Dawn, visit her web site at or the SunFM web site at or call her at 935.3313.

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