Drinks on the Plaza

A photograph of a three-level fountain – one each for humans, horses and dogs – is part of a new exhibit tracing the history of Sonoma Plaza. The free exhibit, presented by the Sonoma League for Historic Preservation, is on display at the General Joseph Hooker House through May.

The fountain, shown in a 1905 photo, was donated to the city by the Sonoma Valley Woman’s Club. Price: $230. Hooker House is open Saturday, Sunday and Monday, 1 to 4 p.m., at 414 First St. E, in El Paseo de Sonoma.

What else was happening around the world when this photo was taken? The year 1905 also featured these notable events:

• Russian revolution begins
• “Variety” magazine debuts
• Einstein publishes theory of relativity
• Rotary International is founded
• First exhibit of Henri Matisse, in Paris
• Henry Fonda born
• The town of Las Vegas founded
• Pizza comes to New York
• Big music hit: “Give My Regards to Broadway”
• First movie house opens, in Pittsburg

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