Hot Shots grows up

Like someone who has just consumed another unmentionable yet highly caffeinated drink, Sonoma’s original drive-thru coffee shop, Hot Shots, has grown wings. After 16 years, the familiar green canvas edifice is gone, replaced by a brick and mortar structure housing the new and improved coffee hot spot. Owner Dave Mock said it’s a long-realized dream.

“It seemed inevitable that we would someday take over the building,” said Mock, who doesn’t own the building recently vacated by Bancroft Flowers but was allowed to make the significant changes. “This allows us to expand our business and offer new things like grab-and-go food items in addition to coffee drinks, smoothies and pastries.”

The new menu offerings are geared toward healthy eating and can be ready at a moment’s notice, keeping the omnipresent line moving at a vigorous clip. Newly available, made-to-order breakfast sandwiches that range from just 250 to 265 calories. Like all five of the breakfast sandwiches, the delicious sounding Asiago cheese with fennel sausage takes as much time to make as a latte, according to Mock.

“We brought an experienced chef on board who has helped us create flavorful and healthy menu items that are quick to prepare. It’s the perfect thing for people on the go,” said Mock.

Lunch sandwiches compliment the breakfast items and are all served on locally procured Basque Boulangerie bread and rolls and range in price from $4.75 to $5.25. Hot Shots will also offer a Caesar salad, yogurt parfaits with granola and fruit and the sure-to-be-popular Junior Lunchbox complete with either PB&J or a turkey/ham sandwich, fruit and a drink.

“We’re excited. The new line configuration allows us to fit more cars without having the traffic back up into the street. And the healthy food items enable us to feed people in addition to providing their favorite coffee drinks.”

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