Flavor of the week

Smooth. Spicy. Excellent body, nice legs, great nose. As a winemaker, Sonoma’s Ben Flajnik might be tempted to use industry jargon to describe the women he’s meeting on the TV smash “The Bachelor.” Like a Beaujolais Noveau, this lot is meant to be enjoyed right now, while young and fresh and a bit fruity. Depth and maturity? Fine for an old Cab, but not prime time TV… Descriptive terms reserved for the women The Bachelor sends home: complex, bitter and, ultimately, acidic.

Meanwhile, Flajnik, in his “People” blog, raves about his hometown. “I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was to take the women to my hometown of Sonoma, Calif., and show them where I come from and how important community is to me,” it reads. “Right off the bat when the women arrived in Sonoma, I was excited to hand out my first date card.” If the wine thing doesn’t work out, the kid has a future in PR. Wendy Peterson, are you hiring?… One last bit of sage advice from the Flaj: “Group dates suck.”

Infineon Raceway, which just hosted a walk to raise $15,000 for cancer research (page 5), has more good news. Diana Brennan has been promoted to Director of Media and Community Relations. “Diana came to the raceway as a college intern and has been with us ever since,” said John Cardinale, the track’s Veep of Marketing and Communications “Her work-ethic, passion and integrity are to be admired. I have no doubt that she will excel in her new role.”

A 45-year-old San Francisco woman had a curious shopping, make that stealing, list during a recent shoplifting foray into Sonoma Market. Her three items: a deli salad ($3), bottle of fancy shampoo ($18) and some under-eye repair cream ($24). Bet she looked great in the mug shot.

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