Big donation to Ecology Center

The Sonoma Ecology Center has received an $80,000 donation from Stone Edge Farm to support the Center’s K-12 Watershed Education programming over the course of two years. This vital funding will primarily support the 5th grade program, Water Wonders, which teaches students about the Sonoma Creek Watershed, the water cycle, and the importance of water conservation.

Stone Edge Farm, a small winery in Sonoma Valley, creates its artisanal wines from organic vineyards and is dedicated to the principles of sustainable farming.

“We are vitally concerned about water usage in Sonoma Valley,” said Stone Edge culinary director John McReynolds, “and specifically monitor our own use and adjust our practices accordingly. We feel that it is important for our school children to learn about our watershed, so they can make wise decisions about water use, as well as all aspects of human habitation on the environment.”

Richard Dale, executive director of the Sonoma Ecology Center, said, “This grant underscores the value of science education in our schools and the importance of empowering students at an early age to become environmental stewards for future generations. We are grateful to Stone Edge Farm for its support of our work.”

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