Power lunch

Ten former mayors of Sonoma convene for an annual reunion lunch. Attending the traditional gathering, standing from left: Nancy Parmalee, retired, who served as Mayor in 1976, 1980 and 1987; Ken Brown, current city councilmember and radio/TV host and producer, 2001 and 2009; Joanne Sanders, Mayor Pro Tem and CEO of Bolt Staffing, 2008; Anthony Cermak, attorney, 1994; Steve Barbose, city councilmember and attorney, 2010; and Joe Costello, attorney, 2004. Sitting, from left: Jerold Tuller, retired, 1982 and 1986; Larry Barnett, businessman and Sun columnist, 2000 and 2005; Dick Ashford, president of Klamath Bird Observatory, 2003; and Larry Murphy, retired, 1988 and 1992. The event was held Oct. 26 at the Community Café.

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