No word from missing Glen Ellen teenager

Kasandra Poshepny was doing well in summer school, needing just one more week to finish an algebra class in advance of her final year at Sonoma Valley High School.

“She was really excited about her senior year,” said her older sister and confidant Jess Poshepny. Nearly two weeks later, the 16-year-old Glen Ellen girl remains missing.

“This is not normal for her, just to disappear,” Poshepny said. “Before this, she was a typical teenager, addicted to the phone and on Facebook all the time.”

All communication abruptly ceased on July 8, the day Kasandra was last seen. At the time, she was in the company of her boyfriend Robbie Huffman, 19, in rural Healdsburg. He was driving a late-1980s gray Nissan pick-up truck.

The young couple had spent the night at the home of Huffman’s cousin. Poshepny said she had been told the teenagers had a fight and that Kasandra took off walking alone and was gone for several hours. The host family grew concerned and called the Sheriff. This further agitated Huffman, Poshepny said, because he has a marijuana conviction on his record.

Huffman drove away, but returned with Kasandra in the truck. He was anxious to leave with her for the night but was told that taking the 16-year-old girl with him without her parent’s permission would lead to serious trouble.

The request for a deputy was apparently called off, Poshepny said, and Huffman settled down. The next day was to be a child’s birthday party. Kasandra’s mother, who is separated from her father and lives in Rohnert Park, was to attend, and take her young daughter home afterwards.

Instead, the host family returned from morning shopping to find that the teens had disappeared. Both of their cell phones were turned off.

Poshepny said she feels Huffman forced Kasandra to leave with him. “I don’t believe she ran away.”

Her sister describes Kasandra as 5 ft. 3 in, has long brown hair, big brown eyes, and is “petite and very sweet.” The 16-year-old also has a piercing in her right nostril, and usually wears a stud there.

She attended school on July 7 but did not return to Glen Ellen, where she lives with her father.

Tips as to her whereabouts keep pouring in through a Facebook page, website and over the phone. The family has done its best to check out the leads, Poshepny said, going as far as viewing surveillance video from a grocery store.

Still, there is nothing solid to go on. “The stories sound a little smudged,” she said.

Poshepny said she is frustrated with the lack of effort of the Sheriff’s Department. “They’ve kind of pulled back,” she said.

The Sheriff’s Dept. has Kasandra listed as a missing person. A spokesperson said last week that there was no evidence of foul play.

According to the Poshepny family’s website, “Huffman’s family has been contacted via Facebook along with his friends. Not one single person has responded, nor does anyone seem to be alarmed at his disappearance.”

Huffman moved to the area from Missouri about a year ago. The relationship with Kasandra, which Jess Poshepny described as “off and on,” began soon afterwards.

With any information in this case, call the Sonoma County Sheriffs Department at 565.2867 or contact Poshepny at 243.3062 or

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  1. Scott Rox says:

    News update from, Kasandra Rose Poshepny has been found (Per Jess Poshepny). Kasandra IS alive & with family at this time,19-year-old Robbie Huffman has been arrested & in custody of the Sonoma County Sheriff. This was a LIVE breaking NEWS update as it was happing about 2PM on the Scott Rox show, saturday July 23rd.