Reviving ‘Rocky Horror’

The “Rocky” cast during one of the first rehearsals in Andrews Hall. The costumes and make-up will be much different in the actual show. Chris Ripenburg, as Columbia, is at center. Photos by Melania Mahoney

A naïve couple trapped in an evil lair, a transsexual mad scientist, evil henchmen, an ominous secret laboratory, a zombie biker and lots of singing and dancing. “The Rocky Horror Show” is the musical that has bit of everything, including a few spare body parts.

The show, directed by Cat Austin and produced by Philip Sales, the duo behind CAPS Productions, opens June 30 at the Sonoma Community Center’s Andrews Hall.

Some producers go for drama, others comedy. The CAPS team found a leading man in fishnets. Other than seducing his naïve visitors, Dr. Frank N. Furter is trying to bring his dead boyfriend back to life.

Not your typical Broadway revival.

The crazed, campy production is faithful to the 1973 British play. Perhaps better known is the 1975 film version. The cult movie that pioneered cult movies, with patrons coming in costumes and reciting movie lines back to the screen during midnight showings across the country, it’s the longest-running theatrical release in film history.

“We want to capture that sense of mayhem and destruction,” Sales said. He appears in the show as the stately Narrator.

“Rocky” plays Thursdays and Fridays at 8 p.m. and Saturdays at 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. (the “midnight show”), through July 16. Tickets are $24. There will also be two ‘Thrifty Thursday’ performances, July 7 and 14, with tickets are $17. An “audience participation kit” is included. In other words, watch out for flying rice. 938.4626 x1.

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  1. Janet Palmer says:

    Have a wonderful time and keep doing the Time Warp.All the best for the Show.