The right to choose cannabis

Jewel Mathieson

The word is Cannabis not cannibal. I am not a danger to your children and neither are my patients. I am a Sonoma Valley resident, a cannabis activist and a partner in Sonoma Patient Group, a cannabis dispensary in Santa Rosa. As a breast cancer survivor, I have experienced first hand discrimination and persecution because of my choice to treat my illness with natural herbs instead of toxic pharmaceuticals.

After teaching in this Valley for most of my adult life I resent being stereotyped as a drug-crazed person not to be trusted  with children, or to be thought of as an undesirable neighbor.

In California the voters passed Proposition 215 and cannabis is legal for qualified patients. It is past time that folks realize this and honor the law. I endured the surgical removal of one cancerous breast. I lived through the torture and sickness of chemotherapy and radiation. I was depressed, wouldn’t you be, and I was not alone; So many women, so many families torn apart by this epidemic disease. I was given very potent drugs to deal with this aftermath depression. I still wonder if the doctors who so readily wrote those prescriptions ever thought about what they were doing.

Fortunately my oncologist saw my suffering and did the one thing that made a difference, he prescribed cannabis. I immediately began to get my appetite back. My depression began to lift and soon I had my life back. I knew deep down inside my soul what the mission of my life would be and I became a Patient Advocate and educator for folks who needed the same medicine that I did. My patients love and trust me because I will wear the scars they wear for the rest of my life. Because I have walked in their shoes they inherently know that we are more then just bosom buddies, we are sisters.

I am making a plea that members of my community look into their hearts and open their minds to the reality around them. In a Valley where alcohol abuse is rampant, its time to examine the impact of making cannabis a legal alternative to alcohol. Virtually every organization and government agency dedicated to researching and preventing sexual violence has identified alcohol as the major contributing factor to incidents of sexual assault and date rape. Alcohol causes health issues, drunk driver issues and job issues. Cannabis, on the other hand, has never been found to contribute to these real and everyday problems.

I invite you to the screening of  “What If Cannabis Cured Cancer Cancer” at the Sebastiani Theatre on June 18, at 1 p.m. (See listing on page ) This is a free event and everyone is welcome. Come and see for yourself. Don’t allow yourself to be hand fed government propaganda bull that has been spread for over eight decades. Come reeducate yourself on this important issue and learn about the healing properties of Cannabis. I prefer to make up my own mind. So should you.

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  1. Marijuana will be legalized in the next 5-10 years tops.