Police Report

Not enough evidence in meth lab case
The District Attorney’s office has dropped the case against Kevin Haywood, the Sonoma man arrested in January on suspicion of running a meth lab in a historic adobe on First Street East. Haywood, 44, had been free on bail, and several court dates had been postponed while authorities awaited test results on suspicious chemicals confiscated by special agents during a raid of the home. Tuesday, the District Attorney’s office said the results did not support a case against Haywood. The adobe, owned by Haywood’s mother, who was out of town during the raid, is now for sale for $1.2 million.

April 19-20

Days on the green
It’s springtime and the school pot busts are sprouting like, well, weeds. On the 19th, three teenage girls were reported taking the illicit vapors near the campus. Once at school, backpacks were searched. In one, a small bag of pot, along with a pipe and a lighter, were discovered, earning the 17-year-old a citation to Youth and Family Services. The following day, at Adele Harrison school, a 12-year-old was found with cannabis. He said he bought it from a fellow student for $5.

April 18

Don’t get too comfortable
Add to the list of modern-day scams the false landlord renting out the empty foreclosed home. A woman thought the online listing of a rental in the 200 block of Bettencourt was legit (though learning that the contact lived in Nigeria might have slowed one less trusting) and moved in with her mom. Two days later, the property manager happened upon the unannounced pair, who were ultimately charged with trespassing. Seems that “John Lucas,” the recipient of the $1,900 wired to Nigeria, was indeed a fake.

Tools of the trade
Having trouble converting your catalytics? Take note. Four such devices, sawed off their automotive hosts for the salvage value, were among many suspicious items found in the bed of a pick-up truck at 6 a.m. in the Maxwell Village parking lot. Two East Bay men were in the cab when law officers made inquiries. The gents said they were taking a nap after a hard day’s labor. By the looks of the load of power and hand tools (value: $3,500) and burglary implements, the job included stealing from a truck belonging to Peterson Mechanical. The company verified that one of its vehciles had been broken into during the wee hours. The two were booked for possession of stolen property and promptly jailed.

April 17

Try and try again
Persistence can be a virtue, though not, apparently, when coupled with stupidity and alcohol. A 22-year-old, already on no-booze probation, was thrown out of Steiner’s Bar for unbecoming behavior. Near closing time he returned, and attempted to enter the establishment toting a six-pack of beer. The doorman took exception, and grabbed the wretch by his back collar. A brief scuffle ensued, with the bouncer, a trained professional, getting the best of it. When officers arrived, the lout was face down on the ground. He was then cuffed, searched and arrested for public intoxication, violating terms of two probations and possession of the marijuana found on his person.

Saturday, April 16

Nothing to see here
They must have been having a fine time that night at Murphy’s Irish Pub. During the hilarity, someone made off with the following item: a four-foot long, 50 lb metal hook, with black and white stripes, the kind used to drag planes around runways. Did you notice anybody suspicious that evening, like maybe a strapping lad, hopped up on Guinness, loping down the alley with a giant tail hook stuffed down his trousers? Neither did we.

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