Thompson addresses budget cuts

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s budget plan calls for more than $6 trillion in spending cuts at the expense of American families.

Our debt crisis is a serious problem. If our country is going to remain financially solvent, we need to take concrete action to decrease spending, increase saving, and balance the budget. But it’s important that we accomplish these goals in the right way. Unfortunately, the majority’s budget would hurt working families, seniors, children, and our middle class.

This isn’t a workable approach if we’re going to achieve the broad bipartisan agreement necessary to enact a responsible budget.

Put simply, the majority’s plan slashes some of the most important investments and programs relied on by American families. The proposed budget would privatize Medicare, forcing seniors into the private health insurance market to shop for coverage with a government voucher. It would also mandate a block grant of federal Medicaid spending, severely undercutting California and other states’ ability to provide health care to our most vulnerable citizens. Additionally, the budget would establish an unprecedented fast track process to force Congress to cut Social Security benefits, jeopardizing the program for future generations.

In any budget discussion, all options should be on the table to start. But if the final plan hurts more Americans than it helps, then it’s time to reassess these options. I’m not afraid to cut spending where it’s deserved, but I won’t support a budget that decreases smart investments, increases bad ones, and threatens our country’s fragile economic recovery.

Moving forward, I hope the majority is willing to take a step back, reassess its priorities, and work across the political aisle to develop a viable alternative that puts America and the American people on a path toward long-term fiscal success.

Representative Mike Thompson
U.S. Congressman

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