Spending in Sonoma

Closer to home, Sonoma is feeling the economic pinch that has steadily crept across the country. Everywhere, people are cutting back, spending less, feeling poor. I think we all keep an eye on the Plaza businesses, hoping nothing else closes, leaving behind another empty storefront. By and large, there is still a good amount of turnover, rather than simply closure, as good a sign of economic health as any. People willing to take a chance and open shops, restaurants and other businesses in Sonoma are generally rewarded with a flurry of customers for the first number of months. Think Hopmonk, Community Café, Kingston Ellis and the expanded Corner Store to name a few.

Generally speaking, restaurants are frequented by locals and visitors alike. What we need to do is constantly remind ourselves to also shop in Sonoma. Need a little present for someone? There are incredible shops around the Plaza that offer interesting gifts in every price point. Take a Saturday afternoon and poke around. Then stop for an inexpensive glass of wine at one of the numerous restaurants. For under $20 – cash that stays in Sonoma – you can while away an afternoon, enjoy yourself and even relax for a spell. What could be better?

As a community, we need to strive to keep government budget cuts at bay. Keep our dollars in Sonoma where they belong.

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