Police Report

Skate Shop burglarized
A burglar managed to drag merchandise through a small opening in a storage area at Sonoma Old School, making off with clothes and shoes valued at about $1,000 from the Broadway retailer. Owner Robert Wilson discovered the crime on the morning of March 1 when he noticed empty and bent hangers on the floor of a storage area. The thief did not actually enter the storage space, but was able to insert a reaching device of some kind to knock merchandise off hangers and racks. The goods were then dragged to the opening and removed. The police dusted for fingerprints as part of their investigation. Wilson said he has taken immediate steps to secure the area, including adding additional video cameras.

Drive-by egging
A prank hatched on the occasion of an 18th birthday lead to vandalism charges for six teenage girls on Feb. 26 after the clutch of youngsters threw eggs at random cars and houses. Home surveillance video caught the action as eggs came flying out of the passing vehicle, striking a Nissan pick-up in the 100 block of Clay St. A tech-savvy member of the household, hard-boiled in the ways of social networking, emailed a freeze-frame of the culprit’s car to friends in the know; sure enough, the car and likely driver were ID’d. When police visited the girl’s home, she wasn’t there but her mother confessed for her – it seems the youngster had casually asked her mom about ‘egging’ that very morning. The car was eventually spotted and pulled over, revealing a half-dozen egging suspects. The teens, all 17 and 18, were cited for vandalism, and the caper was over. Easy.

No juice
A street vendor pedaling bags of oranges on Feb. 26 was cited for selling without a license on the corner of Fifth St. and W. Napa.

Mind if I play through?
A golf bag, value $500, was stolen from a front porch in the 300 block of First St. W. The crime occurred sometime after 10 p.m. on March 1. Police will follow through, presumably with head down.

I’m ready for my fill-up
The Sonoma woman has not made it in Hollywood, yet, but her credit card number managed a March 1 appearance. Two fraudulent charges, for a total of $103 in gas, were made to her account, an oddity reported by her bank. She told police that she still had the charge card in her possession, and was unsure how the fraudster got the number. An officer said the small charges might have been test-drives for much larger transactions.

No call for violence
A 17-year-old high school student was arrested for domestic abuse after a fight with his girlfriend escalated. He denied hitting the girl, 18, but multiple witnesses told officers otherwise. During the fight, the girl, who was unhurt, called her mother for help. The suspect grabbed and destroyed the phone, a misdemeanor duly noted after the March 2 encounter.

Less resistance
The crew at a Fourth St. E. construction site thought to block the door of a storage shed by parking a piece of heavy equipment in front of it. Deterred only momentarily, thieves pried an opening in the side of the shed, gaining access to various tools and construction equipment. No inventory or monetary value of the loss was immediately available.

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