No MMDs in Sonoma Valley

Editor’s note: the following letter was sent to 1st District Supervisor, Valerie Brown

Dear Valerie,

I am writing you on behalf of the 27 employees of Price Pump Company, many of whom live in the Valley.

We believe there is a medical benefit to marijuana use but we also believe the current law setting the standard for medical marijuana use is a sham and the distribution worse. We believe the law needs to be changed such that those who medically need it get it legally and at a reasonable cost without fear of legal action.

We do not feel it is in the best interests of our youth to indicate marijuana use is socially acceptable by condoning Medical Marijuana Dispensaries that are not necessary for the legal delivery of medicinal marijuana. MMD’s also attract unsavory people who are willing to commit crimes to get drugs.

Those individuals, who have prescriptions for MM, can have it delivered directly to their homes, legally, by any of eight local providers. They do not need the services of a MMD or “club.”

This indicates total disregard for the law and is a gross disservice to those who have real medical “need for the weed!”

Our youth don’t need the exposure to a storefront MMD. I urge you to submit a resolution to the board of supervisors recommending declaring the valley a “Neighborhood Preservation Area (NPA)”, as Sacramento County has recently accomplished.

Reasons we want a NPA designation for the Valley:

Sonoma County should follow Sacramento County’s example and create a NPA (Neighborhood Preservation Area) for Sonoma Valley: 

The valley has a unique, cohesive and strong community bond, demonstrated by the well-attended and efficient Springs Community Alliance and other community groups serving the Springs: VOM Boys & Girls Club, FISH, LaLuz, Stand by Me Mentoring, Nuestra Voz, St. Josephs Health Care, Community Health Center & more.

The Sonoma Valley has a long-standing historic background:

The Springs area dates back to the Native Americans who were the first to discover the natural underground hot mineral waters.

In the year 1900, Boyes Hot Springs and the greater Springs area began serving San Franciscans who were arriving by boat and train to ‘take the waters’ at the finest hot mineral water resorts in California.

Our current Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn dates back to 1927.  This historical resort is still in full operation.

The Valley has special cultural considerations (including a strong Latino presence).
The Valley has a uniquely high level of tourist traffic.
NPA designations offer Sonoma County several benefits:

Safer from litigation:  By creating NPAs, Sonoma County is less likely to be found guilty of discrimination, since the response of “it’s the community who decided, not the County” would be the appropriate response to allegations of discrimination for disallowing certain types of businesses (MMDs), etc.  In this way, Sonoma County avoids bearing the onus for controversial decisions (yet retains the power of final authority on what is allowed/excluded in a NPA). 

NPAs would save PRMD and Sonoma County Board of Supervisors (BOS) staff time and costs:  A NPA designation for the Valley would reduce staff time and expense of revisiting special permit issues repeatedly.
The Sonoma Valley patients who need medical marijuana are already well-served, in that: 
We already have eight medical marijuana delivery companies that deliver marijuana to Sonoma Valley (four offer free delivery).

A full MMD is only 12 minutes away and is located directly off bus route 30 (Valley of the Moon Cooperative, Highway 12 @ Melitta Road)

We urge you to represent the “majority” of the residents, businesses and voters in the valley by initiating a NPA designation for Sonoma Valley.


R.W. Piazza
President & CEO
Price Pump Company

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