The Sun’s new improved size!

This week we unveil a vastly different-shaped paper – we’re SQUARE! Our printer, The Press Democrat, has tweaked some things at the plant, resulting in a new shape to our news. And while I want to assure you, readers and advertisers, that our coverage of the happenings of Sonoma will remain the same, we ask you to please be patient as we adjust to this small change as “contents may have shifted.” By next issue we’ll have it all “squared away” but if things look funny this week, we apologize in advance.

RIP my duck friend

Anyone who’s been reading The Sun for the past year probably realizes that what’s written in this space is more column, less editorial. It leans away from the political and rather, is written from the heart on topics that tend to surround our Valley. This week’s “editorial” is in that same vein.

As you’ll see from our first letter to the editor, Sonoma was home to a tragic accident last week. One of our beloved Plaza ducks was killed in a hit and run accident while crossing the street with its mate. I took time to speak with the letter’s author, Lisa Valentine. She described the scene, her reaction, the fatally wounded duck and the actions of the fleeing assailant.

Needless to say Lisa was horrified at what had happened, particularly the driver’s failure to stop and recognize what she’d done, instead choosing to continue on her way, leaving the duck and its mate behind, and innocent bystanders to clean up her mess. According to the Sonoma policeman who arrived on the scene some minutes later, the woman’s actions weren’t illegal. No law requires her to stop for an injured duck so the best we animal lovers can do is vilify her and hope scores of pecking ducks visit her in her dreams each night. Or, at the very least, Lisa and I hope the female driver of the large SUV reads this and the letter and recognizes herself and learns from her mistake. Slow down and take responsibility for your actions. You are not alone on this planet.

For me, the duck tragedy is especially harsh. I’d made friends with this duck and her mate, even featuring them recently in an issue of The Sun. They’d caught my eye, this traditional-looking male mallard with his big white duck of a wife (think Aflac) and I often visited them, bringing stale bread to keep them happy. They were Plaza fixtures and they will be missed. RIP my friend.

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