Police Report

Déjà vu drunkard
A Sonoma man, 29, well known to authorities for matters largely regarding alcohol and abuse of same, was sentenced on Feb. 4 to 90 days at a rehab clinic in Ukiah. On the 17th, he appeared the Sonoma Police Department to pick up personal items left there after his last arrest. Incredulous officers asked him why he wasn’t at the clinic. Rehab, the man replied, what rehab? The scene was made even more ridiculous by the bottle of vodka sticking out of his pocket. But it’s not open, he reasoned, so it’s OK. In a word, not. Possession, even of a sealed bottle, triggered a probation violation. Back to jail he went.

Thai one on
That strange sound coming from the restaurant patron… was he trying to speak Thai, or just stupid drunk? It was the latter on the evening if Feb. 17, much to the chagrin of management. When authorities arrived, the “heavily intoxicated subject” was stumbling out the door. Clearly soused – it wasn’t the lemongrass — and unable to walk without aid, the diner, 36, was deemed unable to care for himself. Result: jailed for being drunk in public.

Go to the light
On the way to his girlfriend’s house for a Valentine’s Day visit, a 57-year-old El Verano man’s heart went boom. No, wait – that was his Ford F-250 knocking over a light pole on West Napa at Second St. The man jumped out of the truck and began running away, but was quickly nabbed by responding deputies. He blamed the crash on falling asleep at the wheel. Leaving the scene was likely caused by booze and fear; his blood alcohol level was a hefty .165 and, having just completed a stint in rehab, he said his family would disown him if they found out. He was booked for the DUI and the hit and run.

An anonymous tip lead to the bust of a 13-year-old boy found with marijuana at Adele Harrison Middle School on Feb. 14. The giveaway to authorities was the tell-tale ‘crinkling’ sound as he tried to secretly transfer the illicit baggie from his pants pocket to the back of his jeans.

Alone at last
Odd totems of a surreptitious visitor – black gloves and a cigarette – were found in a vacant house on the 1900 block of Fifth St. W. The trespasser, still at large, gained entry through a now-secured side door. Police added an extra patrol in the neighborhood in hopes of nabbing the unwelcome visitor.

Same tune, different partner
Another case of identity theft, this time by a seemingly musically-inlcined hacker. A married Sonoma couple remembers an online pop-up message regarding a “security feature” that demanded names and social security numbers. Like most scams, it sounds obvious in retrospect, but is much harder to resist in real-time. The thief, armed with bank account number, made four charges around the country – three at different musical instrument companies.

Two bike thefts reported on Feb. 11. One, a blue three-speed cruiser hybrid, color blue, value $300, was noted missing from a carport in the 200 block of Second St. E. It had been locked, but the lock and cable were also missing. Just after midnight, a $800 Rockhopper, red with white letters, was reported stolen from a carport near 1100 Broadway. It too had been secured, but there was no trace of the lock.

… and found
Did you lose an envelope of jewelry along the bike path on Feb. 10? Describe the contents to an officer at 177 First St. W. and they will be returned.

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