Sonoma police and teen center launch Bikes Plus+

A new program in partnership with the Sonoma Police Department and Valley of the Moon Teen Center is being called Bikes Plus+. Under the auspices of the new program Community Services Officer Dave Huber delivered 21 surplus and unclaimed bicycles to the Teen Center.

When Program Director Carlos Ordaz was a teen he attended the old Teen Center, where he worked to restore and repair bicycles. He has now volunteered to manage Bike Plus+ at the new Teen Center. Ordaz will teach the teens how to earn a bicycle for themselves by volunteering 20 hours at the Teen Center and working an additional 20 hours repairing bikes for other kids. The teens will work as a team and learn practical skills while gaining a sense of responsibility, accomplishment, generosity and pride of workmanship.
For more information contact Rebecca Hermosillo at 939.1452.

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