City council vote – no bike lanes for West Spain

On Wednesday night, the Sonoma City Council unanimously voted to drop plans for a bike lane on West Spain Street. Opponents of the plan turned out in force to voice their opinions. They were elated at the outcome of the vote.

At the same time, councilmembers unanimously approved Class II bike lanes for Fifth Street West, West MacArthur Street and Napa Road.

“I think we had a very positive outcome to the meeting,” said councilmember Ken Brown. “We got bike lanes approved on three out of four streets. That’s great.”

The West Spain Street plan called for eliminating 91 parking spaces to accommodate the new bike lanes.

3 Responses to City council vote – no bike lanes for West Spain

  1. Larry Barnett says:

    Having lived on West Spain Street for 13 years, I totally support the council decision. The bank on Second Street alone generates significant on-street parking for its employees, and the 2-hour zone near the Plaza has expanded over the years. Eliminating all those parking spaces would have exacerbated already congested parking and made matters worse. Wisdom prevailed.

  2. Ron Burt says:

    In regards to West Spain, thank you, City Council, for listening to us and acting in the best interests of all members of the community in this matter.
    A great byproduct of the meeting is that a dialogue was indeed started addressing the need to make the West Spain “Speedway” a safer city street particularly for pedestrians.

  3. Tony S says:

    All we really need, are bike lanes on hwy 12 from Boyes Hot Springs all the way to, and down Broadway.