The Sun Asked: “Did you have a special childhood pet?”

Photos by Melania Mahoney

“A dog. His name was Rufus. We had him when I was born and he passed away when I was 9. He was a Brittany Spaniel.” John Kelly & Siena (2), Sonoma

“Yes, I had a dog, a Dachshund. I was 7 when we got him as a puppy.” Alexis Legendre, Sonoma & France

“I did. His name was John John, a Bassett Hound. He was the original baby and was all jealous when I came along.” Sean Hall, Sonoma

“I had so many when I was little. Lizards and cats and dogs and fish. Not sure if one was my favorite though. All the other pets belonged to my brothers and sisters.” James Melendy, Sonoma

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