The Sun Asked: “What do you want for Christmas?”

Photos by Melania Mahoney

“If I could really have anything I wanted it would have to be to see our political process work again.” Tim Wetzel, Sonoma

“What I want is for everybody to come to our fundraiser at Cuts Etc. on the 12th & 19th. We adopt 15 local families in need and raise funds to provide them with a Christmas. We have been doing this for years.” Shari Andrieux-Gunderson, Sonoma

“A Model A Hotrod. I’d settle for smiles from the grandkids and wife and I’m happy, but a 30’s hotrod would just be fine. Ford Model A.” Dave Inman, Sonoma

“A toy. A teddy bear. A smaller black one. And a purple jacket.” Yareli Martinez (5), Flowery School, Sonoma

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